Basic Guidelines for newcomers

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Basic Guidelines for newcomers

Post by Markusjh on Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:25 pm

These are just some basic "policies" of Exodus Guild to help improve the playing experience and help further the guild.

-We request that everyone log in to the game at the very least twice a week. any less then this and you run the risk of getting kicked to make space for more active players. If you are having technical issues, going on vacation / are not able to log in for some reason etc, please contact me ingame via pm and we can discuss it. We will of course make exceptions for things like that, the aim is to have an active guild not one where half the members have not logged in for over a month and nothing gets done.

-Please use this Forum regularly to check on guild project updates and to request items from guild storage.

-Guild storage is Locked for security reasons so no one player can clean us out.please request removal of items here on the forum.

-At the moment (jan.21,2016) we have three guild slots available if anyone still has an Alt they would like to join to take advantage of the workshops..please post in the relevant thread to request access.Once we build a mansion hopefully everyone will be able to have an alt if they so desire.

-Some degree of participation in guild projects/festivals by everyone. Dont feel like you have to help with every single project especially some of the lower level players, but without everyone's contribution this guild will not be able to expand due to the massive amount of resources required for projects especially at later stages in development.

-Do not mail guild items(donations of tools etc or items for projects etc) to me personally! i may not be able to get to the mailbox in time to retrieve it before it gets pushed out! Deposit guild items in guild storage domains relevant to the tool or where the project will be built.

-Have Fun!

thanks in advance,



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